The Big Picture

DigiSay is the biggest MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in Egypt and the 3rd largest in the Middle East. Right now are transforming ourselves into a digital media company (including: production, marketing and distribution of digital media). Our overall objective is to become the the biggest digital media company in the EMEA region by 2021.


● Years of experience from 1 to 2 years.

● Required age from 21 to 35.

● Foreigners should be able to come to Egypt for a while.

● Good knowledge of Excel & Google Sheets.

● Have the knowledge of generating original URLs of the embedded videos.

● Good knowledge of copyrights and DMCA complains on different social media platforms as well as different servers.

● Has a basic experience on how illegal video content is being stored, streamed and downloaded across the web.

● Can use Google’s complex search syntax to target specific websites and content pieces.

● Has an eye to detail and ability to track gathered data resulting with clear reports.

● Developed a broad knowledge of popular TV shows & Movies.

● Got an eye for details and want to grow amongst the best in the industry? We’ve got you covered!


● Gather & report infringing URLs on multiple platforms/servers.

● Your duties will cover various antipiracy activities.

● Scanning for links to illegal content.

● Issuing takedown requests on multiple websites and logging feedback.

● Gathering information on pirate sites, pirate groups and illegal trends.

● Performing trap of pirated product and logging results.

● Inputting pirate intelligence data into the forensics database.

● Selecting local keywords and submitting local filenames for monitoring and countermeasure campaigns.

● Producing research documents on piracy related technological developments.