The Big Picture:

DigiSay is the biggest MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in Egypt and the 3rd largest in the Middle East. Right now we are transforming ourselves into a digital media company (including: production, marketing and distribution of digital media). Our overall objective is to become the biggest digital media company in the EMEA region by 2021.

We are a content network that has been pioneering and evolving in the content distribution space for our partners since 2011. As an integrated content distribution network we are continuously evolving our offering and our team with a firm belief that diversity of talent delivers diversity of ideas and values.

We are privileged to partner with a group of content partners and platforms that are considered household brands both local and global, including: YouTube, Facebook, Anghami and a variety of TV networks, production companies, artists and online creators.

The Role:

We are looking for an experienced Production Project Manager to serve as key project managers to ensure that all activities related to production are carried out effectively and efficiently. The Production Project Manager oversees all steps of the coordination process through the legal, administration, airing of the spot and post-air feedback while interfacing with post-production, creative and operations

This position has overall responsibility for making sure that all projects are followed through from beginning to end.

The environment is fast paced, varied and exciting and we are looking for someone who is energetic, strategic, creative and passionate about the content industry.


  • Experience Needed: From 3 to 5 Years
  • Demonstrated experience within a creative advertising agency or a production agency environment
  • A strategic thinker who has experience working on content distribution and media production. You have intelligent views and can produce results that move the thinking on efficiently and smartly, collaborating and building partnerships with the strategy team. You have a strong understanding of content marketing in order to guide teams towards the kinds of objectives that are going to meet business challenges.
  • A passion for a high standard of service excellence.
  • The ability to deal with client’s needs and turn them around quickly and efficiently, and maintaining a clear vision of what is a big strategic opportunity for good work.
  • Being a team player is essential, as you will be working collaboratively with multiple departments.
  • High standards of work and incredible attention to detail and super organized, and being able to juggle multiple tasks and remain calm and under pressure.
  • A point of view on what successful content looks like.
  • Be curious, collaborative and brave.
  • You have to have a perfect account handling process and you will need to be technically knowledgeable and able to think strategically, and know the right thing to do for the client and company.
  • Be able to express your opinions and create output that pushes the thinking forward quickly and smartly and also proactively work with social, tech, creative and strategy teams internally as well as externally.
  • You play your part to make DigiSay an exciting and vibrant place to work at.


  • Running projects with autonomy and trust.
  • Building great relationships with clients and becoming a trusted team player.
  • Managing internal relationships in order to get things done in the most time and cost efficient way for your project.
  • Ensuring a smooth and efficient process flow of production activities. Works very closely with the Production professionals, Editing, and legal to create efficiencies in work-flows and processes.
  • Managing and liaising with external partners such as media platforms and production companies to establish key collaborative relationships.
  • Develops and ensures continuity in the production process to ensure that all aspects of the production creations are efficient and effective.
  • Working closely with the wider integrated team ensuring seamless integration for the overall service delivery
  • Being proactive to pre-empt what needs to happen and be one step ahead.
  • Driving and nurturing a creative and innovative approach to digital on the content you will be responsible for and within the company.