The Big Picture

DigiSay is the biggest MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in Egypt and the 3rd largest in the Middle East. Right now we are transforming ourselves into a digital media company (including: production, marketing and distribution of digital media). Our overall objective is to become the biggest digital media company in the EMEA region.

About The Role

We are currently seeking a Performance Marketing Manager with a proven track record launching and scaling digital platforms and mobile apps through data-driven growth strategies. Your overall goal will be to efficiently acquire and retain users for digital platforms (mobile and web apps). You will ensure that the Social Media agency/team, PR agency, and content writers are aligned with the growth activities and tactics. Your scope of work includes:


Digital Platform Growth Strategy:

Plan and execute the digital platform growth strategy (user acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and monetization) with extensive experience in mobile apps growth. Define, execute, and measure weekly/Bi-weekly growth experiments to validate acquisition metrics, channels, campaigns, messages, and optimization criteria. Monitor and improve the mobile app’s daily, weekly, monthly, and 90 days retention rates.

Inbound Marketing:

Design, validate, and review an SEO optimized content strategy that takes into consideration users’’ personas, dynamic behavior and segmentation at the different acquisition funnel stages. Create and execute content marketing activities and automated email campaigns. Own our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (On-Page, Off-Page, Link Building, etc.) and App Store Optimization (ASO) activities. Manage our social media and influencer marketing.

Email Marketing:

Plan, design and run email marketing campaigns across the different stages of the user’s acquisition journey. Create landing pages, A/B test email templates’ design, content, email scheduling, sending frequency, and landing pages. Create email workflow automation. Spy on competitors’ email marketing campaigns using tools that show used email templates and their efficiency.

Paid Acquisition/Retention:

Plan and execute user acquisition campaigns on different paid channels (FB, IG, Youtube, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.). Optimize users’ acquisition and retention rates. Execute efficient retargeting campaigns. Use SaaS tools (e.g., RetargetLinks, CleverTap, Braze, etc.) to retarget users based on specific interests and behavior. Develop associated creative and messaging. You need to have experience in optimizing campaigns based on funnel stage. Experience in setting up and configuring SDKs and Pixels (in collaboration with the product team) is required.

Digital Assets Optimization:

Collaborate with our social media team/agency, content creators, and product team on optimizing our digital assets (website, mobile app screens, landing pages, social media profiles, etc.) for conversion.


Use advanced segmentation tools to segment users based on interest, behavior (content opened, content read, in-app events, etc.), and other criteria throughout the whole customer journey on different platforms.

Attribution, Analytics and Reporting:

Use attribution tools like Adjust to link in-app users to their relevant acquisition channels/campaigns. Develop an analytics and reporting strategy. Strategy includes goals, data sources, tracked metrics and actions, UTMs, tracking tools, and planned KPIs. Create dashboards to show all analytics. Report weekly/monthly updates, progress reports, and results. Experience with analytics tools like Firebase, Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc. is required.

Growth Tools:

Work with the product team on recommending, designing, and testing in-app features that enhance growth and retention. Integrate third party SaaS tools that enable us to customize product journey, enhance communications and feedback, track user behavior, segment users, retarget users using omni channels, run and manage our marketing activities from one place, etc. (e.g., adjust, segment.com, pendo.io, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Flurry, Firebase, CleverTap, Braze, Tag Manager, Hubspot, etc.)

B2B Lead Generation:

Building relations with brands and business entities. You will help to generate, nurture, acquire leads, and retain business customers. Develop and implement CRM strategy. Integrate B2B acquisition tools. Own the B2B acquisition funnel


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science/ Engineering is Highly preferable.
  • 5-7 years of experience in Performance Marketing / Growth hacking.
  • Deep understanding of the customer acquisition funnel.
  • Previous experience configuring and using performance marketing tools is a must (e.g., mobile attribution, tags manager, analytics, segmentation, messaging, retention, dynamic content, advanced pixel, retargeting, and CRM)
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Arabic..
  • Detailed oriented, excellent planning and analytical skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills and leverage data, metric, analytics and consumer behavior trends to drive actionable insights & recommendations.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience is a plus.
  • Deep digital understanding.
  • Willing to embrace new technology.
  • Excellent leadership and management skills as well as time-management.
  • Proficiency in MS Office and G-Suite.